4pm Burn Law in Effect until April 30, 2018

GVFRS would like to remind everyone of the 4pm Burn Law that is in effect until April 30th. If you do decide to burn after 4pm, we ask that you keep a few things in mind:

Be aware of the weather conditions. Low humidity and high winds create more potential for controlled burns to quickly spread into uncontrolled brush fires. There is a sign located in front of our fire station located on Ark Rd that is updated with the daily Fire Danger rating. This rating, as well as an explanation of what it means, can be found on the Virginia Department of Forestry’s website, http://www.dof.virginia.gov/fire/

We also ask that you be familiar with safe burning practices. Gloucester County allows the open burning for the disposal of leaves, and tree, yard, and garden trimmings. Any open burning is to be limited to 100 square feet in size, and no taller than 10 feet in height. When the pile is three feet or less in height, it is required to be at least 100 feet from an occupied dwelling and 50 feet from any other structure. If a pile is taller than three feet then it must be at least 150 feet from an occupied dwelling. Also, an extinguishing agent must be readily available while burning, and the burn pile must be attended continuously until the fire is completely extinguished. Virginia Department of Forestry encourages residents to refrain from burning on dry, windy days when the wind is above 10 MPH.

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