Become an Education Coordinator

Interested in becoming an EMS Education Coordinator (EMT instructor)?  The new EC process is now operational.  See the email below sent from OEMS on Feb 1, 2018 for more details:


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Dear EMS Physicians and Education Coordinators,

Happy February to you all.

The new Education Coordinator (ECC) Candidate application released today.

Any individual who still had an active Education Coordinator application are required to complete this new application. However, any previous submitted documentation, endorsements and testing will be applied to the new application once it is submitted.

EMS Physician: All new candidates will be required to select an EMS physician to endorse their application. These requests will appear in your EMS Physician portal where you can either accept or deny their request.

Education Coordinators: All candidates will be required to select an Education Coordinator to serve as their mentor. Once selected you will have the ability to accept or deny their request in your EMS portal account.

To assist you in this process, the following documents are available on the OEMS webpage at the following link:

Education Coordinator Requirements

Education Coordinator Candidate (ECC) Application Outline Guide

·         Education Coordinator Candidate Process Outline         

·         Education Coordinator Candidate Mentor Process Outline

·         Education Coordinator Candidate EMS Physician Process Outline

Please do not hesitate to contact the Division of Educational Development if you have any questions or need assistance.

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