COVID 19 Middle Peninsula Northern Neck RTH, RGH, RWRH Meeting 3/16/20 1500

The following are minutes from a conference call hosted by PEMS with regional hospitals and EMS agencies to share response efforts:

Riverside Tappahannock

PPE conservation/ N95/surgical mask removed from entrances and PAR closets
Triage- RN is the 1st person screened at desk and if meets CDC criteria, surgical mask placed.
Visitor limited to 1 adult.  EMS asked to help.
Base X setup tomorrow in upper parking lot near ambulance bay.  No plan currently to leave up.
                1 patient pending
                1 patient pending and is being transferred
                1 patient negative with results from Lab Corp this Monday after 7 days.  Pt. tested last Monday.

Feedback to agencies should be done by the Infection Control Nurse of the Hospital

Questions to agencies:

What guidelines are being used for ambulance decon?  Wayne Berry gave group VA Dept Health website; Learn more about COVID 19; Healthcare Professionals  or to the VAOEMS Website- Disease control website; COVID 19; cleaning ambulance doors open after transport and by the time turnover, ready for decon.

Do agencies have N95 respirators.  Agencies responded that they have the N95 masks and are supplied at this time, but unable to obtain orders due to backorders PPE.

Rappahannock General

Base X setup last week and is now being used for screening.  Setup near Ambulance bay.

Bon Secours policy is not to share results.  Not disseminating to G. Samuel from leadership.

Feedback to agencies will be through Linda Davis and G. Samuels at RGH and their Infection Control Nurse.

Visitors limited to 1 adult.  Keeping traffic in hospital down. 


Same as Riverside Tappahannock, Doctor’s, and Regional.   Limiting Visitors.

Setting up Hospital EOC.

Nobody on this call for anything further due to the EOC setup.

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