Email Settings

Department Email

Each member has their own department email address.  You may access this email address as a standalone account, or you may have all emails to this address automatically forwarded to your existing personal address.

For example, lets say you’ve had the same gmail address for the last 10 years and don’t want to bother with checking another email address.  No problem, we can have all emails to your email address automatically forwarded to your gmail account.  That way, you won’t need to check a second email address.

If you would like your department emails forwarded, just email with your department address and the email address you would like to receive department emails.

Still want to access your department account directly.  Use the instructions on this page to set up your client.

You may use one of these types of mail settings

  • POP3.  This downloads emails from the server to your email client and then removes them from the server. This is the faster setting, but the only copy of the emails you will have is the one on your client.
  • IMAP.  This keeps your client in sync with the server.  So you have two copies of all emails.  This is slower and uses up more space on the server.

How To Change Your Password:

To change your password, please do the following:

  1. go to
  2. log in with your email address and current password
  3. Click on OPTIONS on the top of the page
  4. Click on LOGIN on the left side menu
  5. enter your new password

Passwords must be  – at least 8 characters long – contain mixed upper and lower case letters – contain at least one number

Configure an Email Client 

Basic Settings for any email client are (note – you must select the Manual set up and enter these values):

Email services are provided by Franktronics, so to set up secure mail settings, you must use the Franktronics server names below.

  • Username is your full email address
  • If you do not know you password, submit a password reset request
  • Server Settings:
    • POP3
      • Incoming server:
      • port number 995
      • SSL is ON
    • IMAP
      • server:
      • port number 993
      • SSL is ON
    • SMTP (Outgoing Server)
      • Server:
      • port number 587 (alternate port 465)
      • SSL is ON
      • utgoing Server Requires Authentication is Yes

Download the Email Setup Instructions (printable version)