ESO Report Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips for completing reports in ESO that will help you complete your report quicker and more accurately.

Once you have completed and locked your report in ESO, the report is sent to the Virginia ELITE program for inclusion in the State’s database.  ELITE then runs its own validity checks, and many reports receive a less than 100% rating.  These reports must be modified to bring them up to 100%.  If our average rating drops below 95%, we may be ineligible for grants and other services. So it is very important that our reports be completed fully and accurately.

The tips listed below will help to reduce the number of reports that need to be updated in the ELITE program, and ensure our reports are completed fully, accurately, and consistently.

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Each night, ESO emails a report to select folks that lists any CAD reports it found that do not have a matching run report. If the CAD report is for a valid call, and no run report is found, Lewis will create a run report, import the CAD information, update the call times, and assign the report to the appropriate medics or squad sergeants to be completed. If you have one these reports, please do the following:

  1. Determine who the actual crew members were for the call, and add them to the crew list so they can access the report
  2. Notify the crew members that they have a missing report to complete
  3. If you are the squad sergeant or squad line officer, please follow up to ensure the report is completed.
  4. Remove any crew members listed that were not on the call.  The sergeant, officer, and others may be included initially in order to be able to make corrections if the report was assigned to the wrong squad/crew.
  1. Stroke Scale.  The Virginia ELITE Program expects to find a stroke scale completed for almost every Medical call.   This is the most frequent correction needed when reports are sent to ELITE.
  2. Who performed/completed a skill or procedure. Each procedure/skill listed (such as 12 lead, IV, medications, etc) must include the name of the person who performed the procedure. ESO does not always require this field, but ELITE will fail a report if this is missing.
  3. Pt’s condition Improved/Unchanged/Worsened after a skill or procedure.  Along with including the person who completed a skill, the result of the skill much also be selected.  Always check one of three choices: Improved, Unchanged, Worsened.
  1. CAD Import.  Please use the CAD import button for all calls.  This will insert the incident number, address, and some of the times into the report for you.  Using the import links your report to the CAD reports, which helps us identify missing reports.  It also save you time entering information.  When using the CAD import:
    1. Make sure you select the CAD record for the medic unit you responded in.  The CAD reports include other units that may have responded, as well as the station the call was assigned to.
    2. Do not edit the incident number once it has been imported.  incident numbers should be in the format 2019-00006583
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