Honoring Members with over 40 years of active service

561 Years of Service

On December 7, 2015 Gloucester Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad, Inc. President Bruce Soles recognized a few very special members at the monthly membership meeting. Thirteen current members were recognized for their 40+ years of active membership with GVFRS. These men have served the citizens of Gloucester County for a combined total of 561 years.

Picture “561yrs of Service”
Back Row, from L to R: Buddy Dunston (member since 11/75, 40yrs), Ricky Kurtz (member since 9/75, 40yrs), Gordon Townsend (members since 5/69, 46yrs), Carroll Rilee (member since 11/74, 41yrs), Joe Fary (members since 11/75, 40yrs), Larry Oliver (member since 5/75, 40yrs)
Front Row, from L to R: Mickey Healy (member since 7/74, 41yrs), Billy Dutton (member since 6/71, 44yrs), CW Miller (member since 4/64, 51yrs), Andy James (member since 1/69, 46yrs), Lewis Horsley (member since 10/67, 48yrs), Ricky Dutton (member since 9/74, 41yrs),
Not Pictured: Jimmy Miller (member since 5/72, 43yrs)

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