Hospital PPE Requirements

This came out of the SITREP from the PCOC yesterday in the evening…

Hospital System Required PPE for EMS Providers

In an interest of providing concise information to all jurisdictional EMS providers for what each hospital system is requiring in regards to PPE.

  • Riverside Health Systems: No PPE required. Urges all to use best practices.
  • Bon Secours Mary Immaculate: No PPE required. Urges all to use best practices.
  • Sentara Careplex: Requires mask and eye protection for all EMS Providers
  • Sentara Williamsburg: has split into two ED’s. HOT side for COVID-19 Patients, all PPE must be worn. COLD side for non suspected COVID-19 patients. PPE requirement is relaxed to provider judgement. 
  • Off course with all 3 systems, for suspected COVID-19 patients, EMS Providers should be wearing N95, eye pro, gloves and gown. Patients should wear surgical masks.


Even though Riverside is not requiring EMS to wear PPE, All GVFRS members entering the ER should be wearing a surgical mask and eye protection – or more.
Lewis K.

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