Join Our Team at GVFRS

GVFRS is always looking for new members
to volunteer with our organization

Firefighters  –  Medics  –  Drivers

You can be the difference that allows us to
answer every call for help.

The general requirements to join GVFRS are:

  • 18 years old
  • No criminal record
  • Clean driving record
  • A desire to help your community

Not yet 18 years old – Contact Us about opportunities with our Junior EMS and Fire Cadet programs.

Mass Casualty Training

How To Apply

To apply for membership at GVFRS:

  • Pick up an Application Package from Station 1 on Main Street
  • Complete the Application Package, including the fingerprint card (fingerprints may be obtained at the Gloucester County Sheriff’s office)
  • Return your application to Station 1 on Main Street
  • GVFRS will submit your fingerprints and personal information to the Virginia Office of EMS to conduct a criminal background check
  • GVFRS will request a copy of your driving record
  • Once your criminal history and driving record are received, you will be contacted by our membership coordinator to schedule an interview
  • You will attend a brief, informal interview with the Board of Directors
  • You will be presented to the membership during a regular business meeting.  Your application will available to the membership for consideration for one month
  • Your application will be voted on by the general membership during the next regular business meeting

Due to the length of time required to obtain background checks, the application process generally takes 3 to 4 months.  During this process, you are encouraged to visit the stations and meet with current members.FBI Background Checks Effective July 1, 2014    Please review the updated information concerning FBI background checks that states that any person who, on or after July 1, 2013, applies to be a volunteer with, or employee of, an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agency must submit fingerprints and provide personal descriptive information to be forwarded by the Office of EMS along with his fingerprints through the Central Criminal Records Exchange (CCRE) of the Virginia State Police to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, for the purpose of conducting a state and national criminal history check.  

Requirements for Firefighters

To become a member of the fire department, applicants must live within our response district and successfully complete an agility test. The test involves handling, moving, setting, and climbing ladders, and dragging a 165lb dummy. The test is generally administered on Wednesday evenings during routine clean-up sessions and will be conducted by a fire line officer.

Firefights are expected to attend a majority of monthly fire training sessions, weekly clean up/checkout sessions, and respond to as many calls as possible.

Fire members must also agree to attend a Firefighter 1 class and an Emergency Vehicle Operator’s Course (EVOC) within the first year.

Requirements for Rescue

In order to become a member of the rescue squad, applicants must hold a valid Virginia or nationally registered EMT certification, or be enrolled in an approved EMT class. Anyone interested in joining the rescue squad who is not currently an EMT should contact station 1 for information on upcoming EMT classes. Three or four classes are offered in the area each year.
Rescue squad members are also required to pull 24 hours of duty per month. This is generally done by running with a squad that pulls call each 6th night. Members must also attend at least 6 monthly training sessions each year (or other approved training).

Rescue members must also agree to attend an Emergency Vehicle Operator’s Course (EVOC) within the first year.

All of the training you need is provided for free. 
All you need is the time and desire.

 view our Training Page and Calendar to see what we offer.