Press Release – Jan 11, 2014 Storm

On January 11, 2014 at approximately 3:25pm Gloucester Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc. began receiving calls for numerous reports of trees down due to severe weather. Multiple calls were received for trees and power lines down in the areas of Old Pinetta Rd, Pine Grove Rd, and Enos Rd. When units arrived in the Pinetta area access was limited by trees and power lines across the roadways. The majority of the damage was found in the area of Pine Grove Rd, with 12 houses damaged by downed trees or power lines. Four homes sustained severe damage. There were two homes on Enos Rd that were damaged by fallen trees. There were also multiple trees and a power pole fallen in the road. Further assessment of the roads in the Pinetta area found multiple trees down between Old Pinetta Rd and Island Rd, and one tree on a house on Island Rd. GVFRS responded one brush truck, three engines, one rescue truck, and approximately 34 members to the Pinetta area to assist with clearing roads and evaluating damage. Abingdon Volunteer Fire and Rescue responded two brush trucks and six personnel to assist with the efforts in the Pinetta area. Other agencies that assisted in the Pinetta area included Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office, Gloucester County Emergency Management, VDOT, and Dominion Power, as well as various members of the community that graciously donated their time and equipment. GVFRS Assistant Chief Trey Rilee was Pinetta command.

From the same weather system that affected the area, at approximately 3:40pm multiple calls were received for trees and power lines down in the area of Burkes Pond and Indian Rd. Upon arrival in the Burkes Pond area one tree was found on a house. The worst damage to that area was located in the area of the convenience center on Burkes Pond Rd. One engine and eight people responded to Burkes Pond Rd. GVFRS Captain Forrest Conner was Burkes Pond command. Upon arrival on Indian Rd the more significant damage was found in the area between Beasley Dr and Abby Rd. One tree was found on a house on Beasley Dr. One brush truck, two engines, one rescue truck, and 13 members responded to Indian Rd. Captain Jim Gilsinan was Indian Rd command.

GVFRS also had reports of trees down on Fary’s Mill Rd and Roaring Springs Rd, however there was minimal damage in those areas and no reported damage to any homes in those areas.

Mathews Volunteer Fire Department sent one engine and eight members to assist with assessment of storm damage and staffing Station 1.


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