Riverside Walter Reed Information

As of 3/26/20

  • All ER staff are now required to wear, at a minimum, surgical mask and eye protection for all patients. They recommend we wear the same whenever we come into the ER.
  • Please do not use the term COVID19 or Corona Virus over the HEAR radio. If you have a mask on your and/or the patient, just report you are “using precautions”. If you feel you need to give the ER more details, call on the phone 804-693-8899.
  • The rumor about WRER using the DECON room to triage potential COVID19 patients is incorrect. Al patients will enter the ER normally and proceed to a regular room. If WRER starts to see a lot of potential cases, they may stop us in the ER entrance to assess, but we will not be coming in through the DECON room.
  • WRER has procedures in place to notify me and/or Karen Kramer in the event one of our patients tests positive for COVID19. The last potential patient had results back in 3-4 hours and I was notified by phone about 4 hours after the patient was transported (it was negative). So they are being very quick with this process.

As of 3/18/20

  • No family or visitors will be allowed inside. Advise all family and visitors to remain home or in the vehicle.
  • Discontinue all Neb and CPAP treatments before taking a patient into the Emergency Room.

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