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P7. EMS Driving Qualification Policy


To establish standard policy for training members to drive and operate ambulances.


  1. Driver Training:
    • Probationary Member. Probationary members may familiarize themselves with the operation of ambulances by operating the ambulance on return trips from the hospital, to dinner, etc. when no patient is being transported and under the direct supervision of and accompanied by an EMS Line Officer or Squad Sergeant.
      • For the purposes of this SOP, Probationary member shall include: Probationary Firefighters, un-precepted EMT’s or members who have joined as drivers who have not completed probation and EVOC.
  2. Full Member
    • Must have successfully completed an approved Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (EVOC)
    • Must have the approval of their squad line officer to begin training as a driver
    • Must have completed CPR for providers
    • Must be oriented to, and become familiar with lighting systems, siren operations, gauges and vehicle maintenance, and emergency and non-emergency operation and transport of patients
    • Must be familiar with location of basic EMS equipment and operation of the stretcher
    • All training will be conducted under the direct supervision of the squad line officer. The member will not operate the ambulance unless the squad officer is physically present
    • Record of successful driver precepting, under the direct supervision of the squad line officer, will be recorded on the GVFRS Ambulance Driver Training Checklist; upon successful completion of the Driver Training Checklist, the squad line officer will submit completed form to the EMS Training Officer; the member and the squad line officer will be informed when the member is released to drive
  3. Refresher Training
    • As Safety is paramount in every aspect of the operation of duties with GVFRS, all drivers will participate in driver safety refresher training
    • Refresher training will be conducted by the EMS Training Officer, with assistance of certified EVOC instructors
    • Refresher training will be required every three years

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