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Donations and Fund Drive

How to Donate


We collect on-line donations using PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to donate. If you are making an In-Memory Donation, please include the name of the person for whom the donation is being made and any family contact information you may have.

By Mail

Checks may be mailed to:
PO Box 1417
Gloucester, VA 23061

In-Person Donation

You may drop off cash or check at any of our stations. However, Station 1 on Main Street is usually the easiest.

6595 Main Street
Gloucester, VA 23061

GVFRS black and white photo loading patient on stretcher

GVFRS receives funding from Gloucester County to support our capital expenditures and some operating expenses. The majority of funding needed to cover our operating expenses comes from donations from our community. Your donations go towards things like fuel, vehicle maintenance, replacing supplies used on calls, training, and much more.

Help Us Help Our Community

GVFRS will never call to solicit funds.
If you receive a call from anyone claiming to collect money for GVFRS, please let us know.

Annual Fund Drive

We conduct an annual fund drive each year by mailing information packages to all of the homes, businesses, and property owners within our district.  Our fund raising brochure includes background information about our department and some of our planned equipment purchases for the upcoming year.

We receive funding from the county to support many of our capital investments, but our fund drive  is needed to support our operating costs throughout the year.  Fuel, maintenance, replacement supplies, turn-out gear, and equipment are all funded primarily by your donations.

We do not solicit funds over the phone, so if you receive a call soliciting funds, please let us know.

In Memory Donations

We receive many donations in memory of a loved one or friend.  If your donation is provided in-memory, please include information about the person for whom you are donating and, if possible, contact information for the family.  We will make every effort to send a donation card to the family informing them of your gift.  If you have any special requests for the donation card being sent to the family, please let us know and we will attempt to accommodate those as best we can.

In Memory Donations may be made by check or on-line.

Please include the name of the person for whom the donation is being made and any family contact information you may have.