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R9. EMS Probation Period


To establish the standard requirements for completing the EMS probationary Period.


The EMS Probationary Period shall be a minimum of 6 months. During this period, each new member shall review and understand the contents of the “standard operating procedures” . It is important to be “all ears and eyes” and to learn everything that you can about Gloucester Volunteer Fire & Rescue Squad, Inc. operation during this time. You will be expected to know the location of, and how to operate all equipment on the ambulances that you are qualified to operate. You will always respond with a qualified member, until you are qualified. You will know the administrative and line officers of the company. Towards the end of your probationary period, you will begin your driver qualification. Remember, you are now a part of a very special team, and through your hard work and training, you will make the team stronger.

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