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vdh need to get tested for covid
Need to get tested for COVID-19? Please review this information from the Virginia Department of Health. Read more
station 1 main entrance concept drawing
The architect has generated a set of concept drawings based on the design so far. The concept includes: 6 drive-through Read more
GVFRS would like to alert the public of an apparent fund drive that is being mailed to our local residents, Read more
We would like to introduce you to Richard and Heather Brown. This father-daughter duo runs out of station 4 in Read more
virginia-rebellion donation sitting on tower 1
GVFRS would like to thank the Virginia Rebellion’s baseball players for their donations of the Krispy Kreme donuts. Thank you Read more
Demolition nearly complete of the old booker properties
The demolition of the old hotel and furniture buildings has been completed. The concrete slabs have been left in place Read more

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New Station 1 concept sketch

Station 1 Long Range Planning

GVFRS has outgrown our Main Street Station, Station 1, which can no longer properly support the needed equipment and personnel.  GVFRS has been working for nearly two years to develop options to meet the needs of the department and the community for at least the next 50 years.

You can track our progress on our Long Range Planning pages.

EMT Training extricating a patient from a car

EMT class vehicle extrication and mass casualty simulation

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Station 1

Station 1 – Main Street

6595 Main Street
Gloucester, VA 23061


Station 4 Harcum

Station 4 – Harcum

7070 Ark Road
Gloucester, VA 23061


Station 6 - Sassafrass

Station 6 – Sassafrass

7070 Ark Road
Gloucester, VA 23061


ALWAYS COVER FIREPLACES WITH A SCREEN!Hey folks, whether you burn wood in your fireplace because you simply enjoy the warmth and comfort it provides, or you resort to burning wood in your fireplace because the power has gone out in this extremely cold weather, it is important to remember to use a fireplace screen. "Fireplace screens are an essential part of preventative fireplace safety. Fireplace screens are designed to help keep any hot embers from coming into contact with any combustible materials located outside the fireplace and beyond. Either a metal screen or tempered glass will suffice to protect any sparks from leaving the fireplace. Still, you always want to make sure to keep kids and pets at least three feet away from a burning fireplace." (The photo and information in quotation marks were copied directly from the Office of the Virginia State Fire Marshal's Office Updates week of Jan. 17-21.) ... See MoreSee Less
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Gloucester Volunteer Fire and Rescue responded to the following calls between Sunday, January 9, 2022 through Saturday, January 15, 2022:Total Calls - 81;Medical - 72Motor Vehicle Accident - 4Fire/Alarm - 2Fire/Brush - 2Fire/Public Assist - 1#gvfrs ... See MoreSee Less
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Gloucester Volunteer Fire and Rescue responded to the following calls between Saturday, January 1, 2022 through Saturday, January 8, 2022:Total Calls - 118;Medical - 91Motor Vehicle Accident - 8Fire/Alarm - 6Fire/Other - 4Fire/Structure - 2Illegal Burning - 1Trees Down - 6#gvfrs ... See MoreSee Less
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Hey folks, did you know that heating equipment malfunction fires are the second cause of death for people 65 and over? If you haven’t already done so, have a HVAC technician do a safety inspection and service your heating system if needed. Not only can a malfunctioning unit set your home on fire, systems that use oil or gas can emit carbon monoxide (CO) gas which is a “silent killer”. Also, portable space heaters can malfunction or placed too close to objects setting them and your house on fire! Portable space heaters need to be placed at least 3 feet away from anything that can burn.Take a couple moments to click on this informative video from the Electrical Safety Foundation International.Your Gloucester Volunteer Fire Prevention Team is available to answer any questions or look to see if your portable space heaters are safely placed in your home. We can be reached via email at or go to and click on the Fire Prevention page and fill out the request for services form. Sorry, but we cannot inspect or service your home heating system. There are plenty of HVAC and Plumbing companies in Gloucester that can! ... See MoreSee Less
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Gloucester Volunteer Fire and Rescue responded to the following calls between Sunday December 26, 2021 through Friday December 31, 2021:Total Calls - 73;Medical - 61Motor Vehicle Accident - 6Fire/Alarm - 1Fire/Other - 3Fire/Brush - 1Fire/Structure - 1#gvfrs ... See MoreSee Less
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