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station 1 main entrance concept drawing
The architect has generated a set of concept drawings based on the design so far. The concept includes: 6 drive-through Read more
GVFRS would like to alert the public of an apparent fund drive that is being mailed to our local residents, Read more
We would like to introduce you to Richard and Heather Brown. This father-daughter duo runs out of station 4 in Read more
virginia-rebellion donation sitting on tower 1
GVFRS would like to thank the Virginia Rebellion’s baseball players for their donations of the Krispy Kreme donuts. Thank you Read more
Demolition nearly complete of the old booker properties
The demolition of the old hotel and furniture buildings has been completed. The concrete slabs have been left in place Read more
Booker Property building removal 8
Demolition of the old Hotel has begun. GVFRS has begun the process to remove the old buildings from the Booker Read more

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New Station 1 concept sketch

Station 1 Long Range Planning

GVFRS has outgrown our Main Street Station, Station 1, which can no longer properly support the needed equipment and personnel.  GVFRS has been working for nearly two years to develop options to meet the needs of the department and the community for at least the next 50 years.

You can track our progress on our Long Range Planning pages.

EMT Training extricating a patient from a car

EMT class vehicle extrication and mass casualty simulation

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Station 1

Station 1 – Main Street

6595 Main Street
Gloucester, VA 23061


Station 4 Harcum

Station 4 – Harcum

7070 Ark Road
Gloucester, VA 23061


Station 6 - Sassafrass

Station 6 – Sassafrass

7070 Ark Road
Gloucester, VA 23061


Gloucester Volunteer Fire and Rescue responded to the following calls between Monday September 20 and Sunday September 26, 2021:Total 79 Calls;Medical - 63Motor Vehicle Accident - 8Fire/Alarm - 3Fire/Other - 2Landing Zone - 2 Boater Emergency - 1#gvfrs ... See MoreSee Less
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GVFRS is currently working a single vehicle accident on Fletcher Road, the road is shut down at this time.#gvfrs ... See MoreSee Less
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Kitchen fires account for almost half of all residential structure fires! If you should have a pan of grease catch fire, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE IT FROM THE STOVE! Firefighters all over the country have been to numerous house fires where the fire started on the stove, and the occupant attempted to carry the burning pan outside only to badly burn themselves, drop the pan and cause extensive damage to their home! Some people have even died from trying to carry a burning pan of grease outside!If the fire just started and is small and you have a lid nearby that fits the pan, put the lid over the pan to smother the fire. If the fire has grown, hopefully you already have an ABC fire extinguisher that is readily visible in your kitchen and within reach of the stove! (If you don't, please consider getting one now before you need it!) NEVER ATTEMPT TO FIGHT A GREASE FIRE WITH WATER! The grease will splatter and catch the kitchen and house on fire and probably burn you as well.Please take a moment to view the video.Our Fire Prevention Team recently came across a residential stove top fire extinguishing system that may be of interest to some of our followers. Just go to the first comment below and click on the weblink for additional information. As always, Gloucester's Volunteer Fire Prevention Team is always willing to answer your questions. #gvfrs ... See MoreSee Less
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Gloucester Volunteer Fire and Rescue responded to the following calls between Monday September 13 and Sunday September 19, 2021:Total 100 Calls;Medical - 85Motor Vehicle Accident - 7Fire/Alarm - 3False Alarm - 2 Fire/Trailer - 1Fire/Structure - 1Haz-Mat - 1 #gvfrs ... See MoreSee Less
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