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ESO – General Guide

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  • The Station field should generally be the station the duty crew is running out of when the call is dispatched. This information really isn’t used so its not critical
  • The “Units Level of Care” is the highest certification provider on the truck.


  • Most of the time, CAD import will populate the scene address. But if you select Predefined, you will find area urgent cares and nursing homes available to import.
  • The “Zone” field should be set to the scene’s zone. If the scene address is out of Gloucester, please use the appropriate county for the Zone. This information is used to determine how many calls are in each station’s district, and how many mutual aid calls we run.

Disposition and Destination:

  • Refer to the ESO – Transferring a Patient to a Helicopter post for information on how to document a helicopter transfer


  • The Patient Import search is supposed to go back about 6 months looking for your patient. The name and date of birth have to be exact.
  • The Driver’s License Scan works well with your phone camera. It appears the selfie cameras in the laptops do not have a high enough resolution to read the 3D bar code on a driver’s license. Scanning the license will pull in the name and date of birth and sometimes address information.